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Complex Trauma, Mental Illness & Addiction: From Surviving to Thriving – Coming soon!

About the Course

Complex trauma, addiction and mental illness are prevalent yet

under-recognized and misunderstood issues in our society, often

resulting in compounded and complicated psychological, physical,

and social issues such as addiction, disease, developmental deficits

and other invisible illnesses. Given the prevalence and correlation

between such issues, it is vital that we as case managers have the

appropriate knowledge and understanding to identify, support and

provide treatment options for these clients. In this session

participants will gain knowledge and understanding of complex and

developmental trauma including the pervasive & detrimental

side­ effects it carries. Substance use disorders, process addictions,

acquired brain injury, physical, psychological and social development

issues will be discussed. Participants will gain the ability to better

understand the complexity and correlation of their clients's needs,

learn tools, approaches and treatment options and become

empowered to grow personally and professionally.

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