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Investing in Yourself! Reestablishing Wellness in a Changed World – Coming Soon!

About the Course

“If you don’t pick a day to relax... your body will pick it for you.” I came across this quote one day, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. It reminds us of the critical and non-negotiable nature of self-care. In this hectic world we live in (and especially over the last two years), “self-care” too easily slipped from the forefronts of our minds – and when this happens, we tend to suffer. Our goal is to help bring “caring for yourself” back into the foreground – to shine a light on what self-care really means and what it looks like – and to help you discover how it fits into your life. In this engaging, down-to-earth, educational and interactive webinar, you will learn about the ways stress impacts us, as well as an array of tools, approaches, and exercises designed to empower you and help you feel well! Topics such as mindfulness, regulating your nervous system, music for healing, burnout, trauma, visualization, self-care, setting boundaries, and more – will be covered!

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