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Pain Management Essentials: Psychotherapeutic Approaches to
Understanding, Assessing, and Managing the Individualized
Experience of Pain - Coming Soon!

About the Course

This presentation will address: Defining pain, types of pain, pain-characteristics, and factors that influence how pain is experienced. Biological, social, and cultural differences surrounding pain and pain management will be addressed as well. Biopsychosocial assessment of pain will be covered, including tools and strategies for assessment. Pain management and treatment approaches will be presented, including the most common pharmacological treatments, traditional and alternative therapies, multi-disciplinary approaches, and psychotherapeutic approaches to pain management. Psychotherapeutic approaches covered include: CBT, thought-distortions, mindfulness, psychoeducation, and stress-reduction or relaxation skills. This presentation will include: Lecture, attendee interaction via group questions and discussions, demonstration of psychotherapeutic exercises for pain management, PowerPoint slides, and accompanying handouts.

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